Institute du Juventude Creativa

Sao Lorenzo Da Mata- Brasil

We build a place where we can preserve the dignity of a historic people

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"We have been working for years for the young people of our territory so that they have a real possibility of development and happiness"

Anderson Couthino- Director

What is the project about?

The project of Juventude Creativa is a project that seeks to generate alternatives of life for the young people of Sao Lorenzo Da Mata, a quite vulnerable place in Recife Brazil, through tourism, sport and pedagogy they have managed to design a project of life for the young people far from criminality, drugs and the streets


How is VSocial involved in the project?

VSocial has initiated the tourism project. Creating tourism products for both the domestic and international markets. Working on the governance and costing, administrative and financial dynamics so that the project is ready and generates benefits in the community


What impact does the commitment have?

The project has a direct impact on about 60 families in the community of Sao Lorenzo Da Mata, with the participation of more than 120 young people who are in each of the training programs of the institute. 





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