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Community Based Tourism Projects from A - Z

Success stories of former collaborating projects

V Social supports communities towards prosperity and self-determination through knowledge transfer, financial support and providing visitors to the initiatives. This collaboration is meant to be temporary, until a Community Based Tourism project is self-reliant. In the following, we want to present innovative Community projects we have been collaborating with in the past.

Baawaja Expeditions, Tambopata Puerto Maldonado (Peru)

Tambopata Lodge CBT project

Baawaja Expeditions is a private company owned by the Native Community of Infierno in Tambopata Puerto Maldonado, founded in 2008 with the mission of ecotourism, research, and activities related to conservation. The Native Community of Infierno is composed of ethnic populations and different indigenous groups, including Ese Eja, settlers of Andean origin, mestizos, and ribereos. V Social collaborated with the organization until 2022, connecting the Community Based Project with the international travel market. V Social decided to support other development projects in the country after generating the market connection it had proposed with Baawaja.

Capachica peninsula: communities Hilata, Llachón and Santa María, Lake Titicaca, (Bolivia)

Andre at Capachica resized

Hilata, Llachón and Santa María are three indigenous communities that live on the Capachica peninsula. The inhabitants of these villages live very attached to tradition and tourism is still little known.

Capachica was one of the first projects in which V Social as an organization became involved. V Social has financed the installation of water pipes for the communities living on the Capachica peninsula and the construction and improvement of infrastructure of 3 schools on the peninsula. This support lasted for more than 15 continuous years.

Among these communities, different families benefit directly from tourism. The money earned through visitors goes directly to these families and does not benefit the whole community, as is the case in Community Based Tourism. Since V Social focuses on Community Based Tourism projects since 2017, we do not collaborate anymore with Hilata, Llachón and Santa María. We hope our impact in the territory is lasting and are happy to hear that the communities continue to receive visits to create income through tourism.

Carnival Experience, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Carnaval Experience Team

The Carnival Experience is a project that links the carnival tradition of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Through the tourist project, they maintain the carnival youth school that allows the youth of some Favelas to have the opportunity of strengthening cultural identities and moving away from possible risks of crime that affects many other young people. With the support of the Carnival Experience project, the carnival school is maintained with more than 800 children, who are there completely free of charge, not only learning about the carnival tradition but finding real possibilities for life projects.

V Social supported this initiative until 2022 by bringing the international travel market closer to this project, to helping the sustainability of the project.

Casa Kolacho (Colombia)

Casa Kolacho 2

Casa Kolacho in Medellín's Comuna 13 is a transformative community project, offering graffiti and hip-hop tours that empower youth and combat crime. V Social's support since 2019 has included providing funding for training and workshops, and connected the project with international visitor groups. This collaboration has facilitated sustainable tourism strategies and has helped to sustain employment opportunities for local youth. Due to collaboration challenges based on capacity issues within the organization, we mutually ceased our support in 2022.

Through storytelling, art, and cultural exchange, Casa Kolacho promotes reconciliation, resilience, and the vibrant hip-hop culture of Medellín, showcasing the journey from violence to peace in one of Colombia's most notorious neighborhoods.

Juanilama (Costa Rica)

Yucafé Juanilama

Juanilama is an organized group of women that, together with V Social created the product "Yucafé o Yucatour", a combination of coffee and yuca. In a visit in community Juanilama, Costa Rica, you can learn from the community, it's efforts and many agricultural products of our beloved Costa Rica.

The project is located 3km from the village of San Carlos de Pocozol 3km on the road to Los Chiles. Here you must turn left and at the Y turn right. The meeting point to visit the project is at the Rancho de la Asociación in front of the school.

We thank Juanilama for the short and good collaboration and wish the members of the initiative much success for their projects!

Morrinho Project, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Morrinho Project 2

Projeto Morrinho is a creative collective and community space offering tours through the favela and visits to its own artwork, a miniature favela made of colorfully painted bricks. Walking tours of Pereira da Silva offer travelers the opportunity to find out more about the reality of life in the favelas and change the way favelas are perceived by national and international tourists alike.

V Social has been supporting Projeto Morrinho since October 2018 until 2022, helping the project define its tourist services and connect it with international tour operators. Working with similar projects in Argentina, Colombia and Chile, V Social has also connected Projeto Morrinho with other similar walking tours, enabling each to learn from others’ experiences.

We hope to be able to reestablish our collaboration in the future.

Shandia Lodge, Amazonia (Ecuador)

Shandia Lodge

Shandia is a Quechua community located in the Talag parish in Ecuador. The Lodge was built by hand with materials such as bamboo and straw, with support from the Maquita Foundation and international cooperation. The people of the community have been trained in customer service, restaurant and hotel management, as well as gastronomy, and the income generated is used for the good of the community.

V Social has helped the Shandia Lodge to generate a strategy to strengthen the project and access Community Based Tourism certification. The community keeps collaborating with the non-profit organization Planeterra. A visit can be organized with through different booking platforms.

Sisid Anejo (Ecuador)

Sisid Anejo

The Sisid Anejo community is one of the seven sectors of the Sisid Ayllu Llacta community. The community owns 7845 hectares of land from 2800m to 4100m high. Near to the most famous Inca monument in Ecuador you can experience the living culture, archaeological history, and wild nature in this community.

V Social has collaborated with the community to get their project certified as a sustainable Community Tourism project in 2020.

Taboquinhas (Brazil)

Chocolate Taboquinhas

Taboquinhas, nestled in the rural landscape of Bahia, Brazil, is home to cocoa farmers striving for economic resilience amidst fluctuating crop prices. Through the ASTATURC initiative, these farmers have embraced tourism as a means of diversifying their income streams. Thirteen families, primarily farm owners, have directly felt the positive impacts, extending to approximately 130 individuals. This endeavor has not only provided financial stability but has also opened up avenues for their children's future prospects. With V Social's support, totaling 15.000 Euros, encompassing infrastructure development, training programs, and networking opportunities, the community's growth trajectory has been bolstered since our collaboration in 2015. The headquarters constructed by V Social serves as more than a mere physical structure; it's a symbol of unity and progress, offering a space for collective gatherings and fostering a sense of community cohesion essential for sustainable development.

In agreement, we decided in 2022 to pause our collaboration, since organizational structures unfortunately have suffered a lot during the pandemic and floodings so that the availability and disposition of members to retake efforts can't guarantee impactful partnership for now.

Yarumo Blanco (Colombia)

Yarumo Blanco

Yarumo Blanco, a community tourism organization in Colombia's coffee region, empowers youth through tourism training, preventing migration to cities for job opportunities. The V Social Foundation, partnering since 2019, funded training, homestay development, and conservation efforts. With 20 families in the homestay project and 32 indirectly benefiting, Yarumo Blanco fosters leadership, conserves the environment, and pioneers alternative tourism.

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