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Developing Youth Training

Creating opportunities for young people

For every community, young people are the future. But for many young people within these communities, all too often there is no future. Whether it’s urban districts that have been given over to gangs and crime or rural communities where employment opportunities are scarce, young people are often looking to escape the communities they’ve grown up in, thus perpetuating the cycle of underdevelopment these communities have already suffered. It’s only when communities have pride in themselves that they are able to overcome generations of hardship, often in cities through street art and music, or in rural communities by embracing their local or indigenous heritage.

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Across the globe, many young people have limited access to formal education and job opportunities. But by partnering with community projects that promote youth employment, the VSocial Foundation hopes to create opportunities for young people and stem the flow of youth leaving their communities. Through the provision of tourism services, young people are provided with the training and skills to find sustainable employment in tourism, as well as the opportunity to showcase their communities and to be proud of their local traditions and/or indigenous heritage.

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Take Casa Kolacho for example. This community-based tour in Medellín’s once notorious Comuna 13 is managed by young people, and gives local young people an opportunity to acquire skills guiding tourists around the district and display their artistic and musical talents on graffiti and hip hop tours, while also providing a real alternative to delinquency and crime.

All across the world, the VSocial Foundation is supporting cooperatives that create opportunities for young people, and by connecting travelers with them to enjoy a city tour, a night at a homestay or a meal, you're directly supporting young people to find employment within their communities, and to keep their communities living and thriving.

Whether by visiting on a tour or through a donation, your support makes a real difference to all the young people involved. Take a look at the projects below, and find out how your support can help youth across the globe find opportunities for employment within their communities.

Projects to develop youth training

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