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With your donation, you can support the VSocial Foundation’s work helping communities around the world improve their quality of life through community-based tourism.

When you donate to the VSocial Foundation, we collect the donations and share them out between the communities where your donation will have the most impact and where it is needed the most.

Soon there will be a donation form where you can donate via credit card or PayPal. In the meantime, you can make a donation with the below account details:

  • Account name: VSocial
  • Recipient: viSozial e.V.
  • IBAN: DE 527 008 000 008 560 894 00
  • Account number: 856089400
  • Sort code: 700 800 00
  • Reference: "VSocial Website donation (+ project name)"

Or, if you would like to donate to a specific project, please add the name of the project to your reference. In partnership with our regional coordinators, the community will decide how best to spend your donation for maximum impact.

What travelers tell us

Zapotal de miramar

Nicole N., Puraventura passenger

Immersion in the rural community of Zapotal will remain for me one of the moving memories of the tour! I was touched by the direct, simple and warm welcome of the women upon our arrival and the energy deployed by our host, in addition to his work, to offer us very good breakfast and dinner. I was admiring Betty who fought to set up this community, the farm, the vegetable garden that she introduced us to. Amazing woman who refused a mandate as a member of Parliament for not being recovered. The cooking class with her was full of joy. At no time were we considered as tourists who came in curious. I discovered their work, their living conditions, in a spirit of sharing, the farewells were filled with emotion and I hope that this beautiful community experience will last.

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