Find the right tourism related project for your corporate social impact!

Support projects that fit into your core business activity.
Work with a professional NGO that is set up according to management principles.
See the direct impact your engagement has.


You want to find a way to efficiently invest in high-quality projects that show the social impact your company can have?




You do not only want to spend money, but also have a real contribution through the core competencies of your business?

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You no longer want to support ineffectively organized projects?
You are tired of being just a financier and not being able to contribute your core competence to your commitment? 

The VSocial Advantages:

1. reliable projects that fit into your company core business
2. effective marketing material for story telling
3. your company and colleagues support the project
4. full transparency on your commitment
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3 Steps towards your focused and effective CSR engagement

1. Together we clarify your preferences, needs and expectations.
2. We discuss  impact generating cooperation options and decide on your involvement.
3. You are a community based tourism hero!

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We want to show that tourism done in a “right way”, means focusing on sustainable and authentic tourism, will offer communities new possibilities of self-realization and additional income to the existing income. Tourism will make a positive impact in the supported communities.

Our Quality Plan:

  • We are experts: Community based tourism is our core business!
  • We are transparent in all areas.
  • We provide you with reporting and visual material about your engagement.
  • We are on site with regional coordinators.
  • We know all our projects personally.
  • We have the trust and acceptance of projects.
  • We speak the languages of the communities.
  • We are a professionally operating NGO that is set up according to management principles (KPI, OKR, etc.)
  • You have the possibility to visit the projects. 
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What makes VSocial and its projects so different?

Voices from traveler project visits:


"Thanks to VSocial, we got an unique insights into the authentic local life. We were particularly pleased that the entire community profited from the commitment. "Roland P., viventura passenger (Capachica) 

"The ambience was great. The community based tourism accommodation and the local food was very good! Especially the exchange with the local people was fascinating and the local people all very nice." Bodo S, viventura passenger (Shandia Lodge) 

"Immersion in the rural community of Zapotal will remain for me one of the moving memories of the tour. I was touched by the direct, simple and warm welcome of the women upon our arrival and the energy deployed by our host, in addition to his work, to offer us very good breakfast and dinner. I was admiring Betty who fought to set up this community, the farm, the vegetable garden that she introduced us to. Amazing woman who refused a mandate as a member of Parliament for not being recovered. The cooking class with her was full of joy. At no time were we considered as tourists who came in curious. I discovered their work, their living conditions, in a spirit of sharing, the farewells were filled with emotion and I hope that this beautiful community experience will last." Nicole N., puraventura passenger (Zapotal, Costa Rica) 

"Living in rural part of France, we knew life near animals and in contact with nature. But sharing it with such authenticity and simplicity delighted us. Walking through the door of a house and witnessing the daily life of a Costa Rican family in this remote and mountainous region opened our eyes to another facet of the country and the living conditions of part of its population. The community is self-sufficient, develops ecological wastewater treatment systems, produces energy, and recycles its waste... A great lesson in respect for the environment! What I liked: when my son stayed at Betchy's farm to help him with the evening milking and she kindly made a video and photos of that moment." Marlene B., puraventura passenger (Zapotal, Costa Rica)