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How we're run

Find out how we run our organization to achieve results for communities.

How we’re structured

A registered charitable association in Germany, the V Social Foundation is a non-profit organization, currently active in more than ten countries across South and Central America. And this year, we are looking to grow our impact over the coming months in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Alongside a volunteer president, vice-president and treasurer, the V Social team also includes the foundation director and our team of regional coordinators, who are the heart and soul of the V Social Foundation. They’re both the contact for community projects in their region, as well as for any local partnerships. And their hard work is supported by our administrative team in Berlin.

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How we're financed

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We want to create lasting change for local communities. And it's only through the support of private donors, companies, and funding bodies that the V Social Foundation is able to help local communities establish long-lasting community-based tourism projects.

And it's only through best practice that we can achieve the best results. Which is why transparency is so important to us. We're committed to ensuring that all information on how we both raise and spend funds is clear, accurate and transparent. Every year, we issue a financial report, detailing our administrative and project expenses as well as the income we receive through corporate funding, public grants and individual donations. Just take a look.

Where your donation goes

100% of the V Social Foundation's funding comes through donations. And it's thanks to you and your support that we are able to create lasting change through our work with community-based tourism projects. Work that thanks to you we are able to carry out 100% free of charge for the communities.

You can donate either to specific community projects or to the V Social Foundation as a whole, in which case we'll allocate your donation to a project where your donation is needed the most. Based on the number of community projects in each region, we share out the total donations among each region, before each regional coordinator then allocates funds to each project, based on the needs of the community and the viability of the project:

1. Donations allocated

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Based on the number of community projects globally, donations are shared amongst regions and countries.

2. Strategy planned

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Regional coordinators work with communities to develop a strategy detailing specific goals for each project and how donations may be spent.

3. Funding provided

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Based on each community’s needs and the viability of their strategy, donations are shared amongst the different communities in the region.

4. Feedback welcomed

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We encourage feedback from both travelers and communities to ensure the continuous improvement of the community project.

If you’d like to find out more about where your donation goes, just get in contact with us at [email protected].

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