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Empowering Women

Helping women to become leaders

Across the globe, women make up over half of the workforce in tourism, and yet often occupy the lowest paid and lowest status jobs, with very limited opportunity to progress into leadership or managerial roles.

With tourism representing over 10% of the global economy, travel has the opportunity to change the world. And when tourists visit local communities and support locally owned businesses, travel can become one of the most powerful forces of wealth redistribution in the world. That's why VSocial supports a wide range of community projects with female empowerment at their heart, allowing women to redefine their roles in society through life-changing vocational training and education. Projects that give women the opportunity to take the lead in both the development and growth of tourism experiences. And there's a ripple effect too. Because as these projects change the lives of women, they change the lives of the communities around them too.

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Take Tierra de Yaqchas, for example. This female-led co-operative in the Sacred Valley began as a group of women deciding to open up their community to tourists to preserve their indigenous culture and support their families, while their husbands were often away working as guides on the Inca Trail, and now it reaches across several communities, and includes a women's weaving project as well as restaurants, homestays and training programs. All across the world, VSocial is supporting women-led cooperatives, and by connecting travelers with them to enjoy a meal, a night at a homestay or any other tourist experience, you're directly supporting women to grow their businesses and achieve a better quality of life for their communities, improvements which can sometimes be as simple as paving a road or installing running water.

Whether by visiting on tour or through a donation, your support makes a real difference to all the women involved. Take a look at the projects below, and find out how your support can help women develop into leadership roles across the globe.

Projects empowering women

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