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Why give

Your donation transforming lives

With tourism representing over 10% of the global economy, travel has the power to change the world. And when tourists visit local communities and support locally owned businesses, travel has the power to become a great force for wealth redistribution.

Want to support a community you got to know on your trip? Visiting communities is not the only way to help. You can support community-based tourism projects around the world without even taking out your passport. With a regular or one-time donation, you can help tourism projects realize their goals and create change without leaving home.

And a little goes a long way. Swap out one lunch a month, or a couple of coffees, and you can support community-based tourism projects in a significant way. That means that by giving a small amount that won’t make a huge difference in your daily life, you can transform the lives of youth, women, and communities in another part of the world.

You chose your impact

A regular donation of €10 every month can help provide the tools that help an organization operate, such as utensils and cookware for a local restaurant that serves authentic dishes to visitors.

A one-time donation of as little as €25 can go toward a training course of one young person, giving them an alternative means of income and allowing them to remain in the community.

And a large, one-time donation of €80 can contribute to improving infrastructure in a community-based tourism project, including preparing homestays, so locals can proudly welcome guests.

V Social only supports development projects with community at their heart. When you make a donation, you help support projects with Empowering Women, Preserving Cultures, Protecting the Environment, and Developing Youth Training at their core. Find out how far your generosity can go:

Partner with us to make change! Each donation helps improve opportunities for young people, encourages women to become local leaders, and allows Indigenous cultures to preserve their heritage and share it with visitors.

Community-based tourism has the power to change lives. By donating to the V Social Foundation, you will directly impact communities around the world and empower them to realize their dreams. And there's a ripple effect of your contribution and how it affects other surrounding communities, too. The economic and opportunity benefits that result from a community-based tourism project improve the quality of life of extended family, other local businesses, and beyond. Help us make waves!

It doesn’t take a lot to help change the world. V Social invites you to be part of our movement to show how small acts can lead to big results. Join us!

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