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Tsirü Alá Chocolate Tour

Sweet dreams on a Costa Rican family farm

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Tsirü Alá is a very special chocolate tour hosted by a local family in the village of Bambu, Costa Rica. The 10 siblings welcome visitors to learn about the cultivation of products on their farm, especially the cocoa that is transformed into artisanal chocolate. The project is a response to chocolate not being sold at a fair price and a desire to protect ancestral agricultural practices and organic plantations.

Travelers get an up-close experience of traditional practices in producing cocoa, banana, and plantain, and are educated on the benefits of local medicinal plants. They learn about farming with animals such as hens, pigs, and cows, as well observe wildlife and birds in the area. The sweetest part of the visit, though, is observing the process of making chocolate and getting to try the artisanal product themselves!

Involvement of V Social

This is a new project for VSocial, with our involvement beginning in 2022. We plan to offer support in building infrastructure and networking with other tour operators to bring visitors to the farm, including travelers from Puraventura. Workshops on leadership, finance, and the natural history of Costa Rica will also help the project grow!

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Support for Tsirü Alá Chocolate Tour

Fulvia for Tsiru Alá at V Conecta

Nov 2023

Fulvia, member of Tsiru Alá, participated in the inaugural annual gathering of projects funded by V Social in Colombia in November. During this event, 16 projects hailing from various corners of Latin America convened in person to engage in discussions about lessons learned and to strategize for the upcoming year, 2024. Our primary goal was to empower the beneficiaries with a more influential role in decision-making within V Social, allowing them to shape the organization's priorities and focus areas. This approach placed a greater emphasis on the voices of those we serve. Notably, for many participants, this event marks their first opportunity to travel outside their home country, adding an extra layer of significance to this transformative gathering. The allocated amount for this support is an estimate derived from the total costs incurred in organizing the gathering.

Finca La Aurora Tour

Jan 2023

We finance transport, food, lodging and tours for 2 members of our project at Talamanca. From the 26th of January to the 30th of January. Through this experience Fulvia and Lukas learned new ideas, creations, concepts, details, and very valuable information regarding all the chocolate experiences we had. They also learned about medicinal plants. From this experience we expect improvements in the traveler's experience in the field, more attractive activities, and fun proposals. We will continue working on caramelized chocolate nips, improve product presentation and quality. Also, about branding and product quality, and agroforestry and crop diversification.


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Puerto Viejo

Country: Costa Rica

Supporting this project means supporting the local community and their ability to thrive. Income stays in local hands, and sustainable and fair agricultural processes are encouraged. Local people are inspired to start new projects and celebrate their traditions and culture. This is especially necessary in an area where there is a scarcity of jobs; tourism allows economic possibilities and improvement of quality of life. Sustainable development and environmental protection are added benefits that ensure the family farm and the community of Bambu can continue to grow in the years to come.

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Woman at Talamanca
Woman at Talamanca
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