Medellin - Colombia

Our youth and hip hop culture at the service of the transformation of a territory

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" Our proposal is based on demonstrating that if we can live on art, at Casa Kolacho we are doing it."

TATAM, Tourism guide and legal representative

What is the project about?

Casa Kolacho is a cultural organization that promotes hip hop culture with young people from the 13th commune of Medellin, through their artistic practices they created the Grafititour which is a proposal that from their local knowledge can show the positive transformation that one of the places that a few years ago was the most dangerous in Colombia.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The VSocial Foundation supports this project by supporting the management of its tourism project and bringing the international market closer to the project. That is, it takes tourists through the alliances that the foundation has with several international agencies seeking that the organization be a sustainable project through tourism.

What impact does the commitment have?

At Casa Kolacho we have a direct impact on 20 associates and their families, in addition to 40 children and young people who are part of the artistic school.

*All data were determined with best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.


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