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Community efforts for a brighter future in Cuban villages

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Transformacion Comunitaria is part of a sustainable tourism network which focuses on supporting projects in the community of Sopillar, a rural village in Cuba. Located in the important Ciénaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve, this area is close to beaches such as Playa Larga and Playa Girón, as well as nearby cenotes. The communities in this area depend on agroforestry and, more recently, tourism. Transformacion Comunitaria is run by the local people, and aims to benefit from tourism by offering hikes, horseback riding, bird-watching, homestays, and local gastronomy.

Travelers to the project get an up-close look at the biosphere reserve, surrounded by swamps and forests. Along the paths of the village, they can immerse themselves in the fresh air of the environment and experience its caves, cenotes, and abundance of natural beauty, including various types of orchids. A number of migratory birds are endemic to the area, and visitors can enjoy listening to their songs. Diverse foods and natural juices produced on the ecological farms are also on offer.

Involvement of V Social

V Social began working with Transformacion Comunitaria in 2019, but collaboration was postponed due to Covid. Since then, virtual training on topics such as gender equality and empowering women has taken place, as well as help with environmental conservation and linking the project with other companies for additional support. As of 2024, V Social will be coordinating visits from Puraventura travelers who will learn more about the community’s agroforestry practices and traditions, while supporting local families and providing extra income to the village.

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Gender Workshop Cuba

Mar 2023

We organized a virtual workshop for our project in Cuba, expenses included transport, internet, food and local coordinator.


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Through the project, locals preserve their traditions and culture, are able to utilize innovative and sustainable practices that protect the environment, and boost their economic opportunities in ways the Cuban government is not often able to offer to rural areas. Success of the project means that people are able to remain in their local community, can protect traditional agricultural practices rather than using harmful chemicals for food production, and have opportunities for meaningful employment. Around 15 families are involved in the project, and the impact extends to both grandparents who do not have labor opportunities and grandchildren who have more future possibilities to become drivers, guides, or interpreters.

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Cultivos en proyectos
Almuerzo de viajeros en el Patio de Maria
Atractivo natural Casa Ana

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