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Providing Funding

How we support

When the V Social Foundation starts working with a community on a community-based tourism project, needs are quickly identified – which the community itself is often unable to fund. The V Social Foundation funds both activities, such as guide training, and amenities that will help the community provide a better tourism service and that will also ensure the community's autonomy. We also make sure that all infrastructure improvements don't just benefit visitors, but also improve the lives of the community too.

Improving facilities for both travelers and communities

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Better facilities

We make sure that sanitary services are fit for both visitors and communities and ensure that when tourists come to stay, community facilities such as running water and hygiene amenities aren’t overwhelmed.

Building for the future

Each community project has its own strategy, requiring its own solutions. Sometimes this might mean developing infrastructure or receiving professional training. The V Social Foundation has a flexible approach to provide support and funding where it’s needed.

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