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What is the project about?

This project is about the sponsorship of a training program for certified guides through the alliance of a local cooperative in Mexico. Co’ox Mayab, is a second level organization that unites a dozen cooperatives and ejidos dedicated to community-based tourism in the Yucatan Peninsula. Through a participatory analysis to detect risks in the organization, the need for social enterprises was to have at least one member certified with NOM-09. The NOM-09; is a mandatory technical regulation that establish specifications and procedures to ensure that products, processes and services comply with minimum information, safety and quality requirements, among other aspects. With the aim of reaching international standards of tourism quality and improving the competitiveness of their social enterprises, our goal was set and just wanted to make it happen!

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The ViSozial foundation enabled the costs for the trainers’ fees, the transport of participants and the management expenses of Co’ox Mayab. Along with this, we had the opportunity to travel to San Crisanto, where the NOM -09 took place and meet 16 youngsters anxiously willing to participate.


What impact does the commitment have?

Over all, our compromise has the intention to promote tourism as a powerful tool to promote development and the consequent reduction of poverty, as one of the possible keys for the economic, social, environmental, patrimonial and cultural development of the rural and indigenous communities. Since then, we have received great news about the new guides and their efforts are now palpable as some or them are working as tourism guides in their communities.

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