Bolivia - Lake Titicaca

Tourism associativity as a way of preserving our indigenous traditions and culture


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" We want to show the beauty of our region and are very happy to count on VSocial, especially concerning her sustainable tourism expertise."

Romero Gonzales, founder of Asisturso


What is the project about?

Asiturso is a tourism association of the inhabitants of Santiago de Okola in Bolivia. It is an indigenous community that is located in Lake Titicaca area. They are interested through community tourism to contribute to improving the quality of life of its members and their community. The project is 100% devised and operated by the community and they hope to be an example of partnership for neighboring populations. 

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The VSocial Foundation has been working in the Community of Santiago de Okola for several years contributing to two schools: the Kerihuati school and the school of Santiago de Okola where it has provided infrastructure like kitchen, bathrooms and the construction of a museum inside the school. In addition we have supported them with educational materials and sports. Always with the focus of contribution in the development of the destination. Now we directly support the strengthening of ASITURSO in its structure and in its goal of being a tourist service provider specialized in community tourism in this region.


What impact does the commitment have?

The direct impact of VSocial’s support is 20 people who are beneficiaries of the community tourism project, however, the indirect beneficiaries are many more taking into account that the children are still in the environmental school in which they are also linking each of their families so that through recycling they can improve the conditions of their neighborhood generating well-being.


 *All data were determined with best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.

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