La Boquilla- Colombia

The knowledge of the fisherman turns into tourism value


What is the project about?

La Boquilla is a small town that is located very close to Cartagena, where tourists usually do not arrive, it is a place where the local culture is based on the gastronomy and in the historical economic vocation of the place: fishing. 

How is VSocial involved in the project?

With VSocial we have achieved that many tourists can meet these fishermen and go fishing with them, have lunch and share cultural dynamics of the region.

Through the arrival of tourists the project has been able to grow and link fishermen, cooks and locals so that through this tourism activity they can share their cultural traditions and find a possibility of development that allows them to live better .


What impact does the commitment have?

With the visit of our tourists we impact more than 20 families that live in La Boquilla.


 *All data were determined with best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.

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