Buenos Aires- Argentina

Communities that through tourism Face social discrimination with sustainable tourism

 "We work for our community, for our neighborhood, which is always in transformation, we want a place where we are recognized as agents of change and not as criminals. Here we only have people wanting to work so welcome."  

What is the project about?

Maciel Island is located in Buenos Aires, near the tourist district of La Boca. The island is a neighborhood that for a long time was afflicted by various social problems and therefore tourists could not enter here. However, several neighbors have been working together to change that perception for the neighborhood, in addition to proposing an alternative for the development of the youth of the neighborhood through tourism.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

VSocial supports the approach of the international market so that their business is viable and can really be a possibility of local development. In addition, the project receives visits from tourists via the VSocial cooperation partners. 


What impact does the commitment have?

We support with this project about 15 families that are part of the project.


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