Taboquinhas - Brasil

Make visible the productive processes of the peasant of the region through collective actions

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"The tourism association allows me my neighbors to have more income for my family."

Joao Monte, Farmer

What is the project about?

The "Associação Taboquinhense de desenvolvimento do turismo comunitário (ASTATURC)" is one of the pioneers in Brazil with recyclable straws from plants. The Taboquinha is a native bamboo species in Taboquinhas. (hence the name of the place) and is classified by the large amount of the farmers of the cocoa region as weeds. The research and tests of Astaturc have now revealed that this plant is resistant to vermin and Mushrooms is and represents an ideal alternative to plastic straws.
These stalks have been used by local people for years, and in Astaturc's community-based tourism program in chocolate making with tourists, cocoa honey is drunk with these stalks.
Now, the Brazilian Institute for Sustainable Development (IABS) has distributed these straws to its guests at its 15th anniversary celebrations in Brasília, and they have been received with great interest. Many of them already want to place orders.
Now the preparations for production are running. In the district are taken pictures of the interested families, research for the purchase of cutting machines, packaging material and tax regulations.
Within the next three months then should start the first production.
Initially with 5 families from the poor district, but it is very likely that these straws will create many more jobs for the population.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The VSocial Foundation has supported the formation of the community tourism association and also has been supporting the construction of the community headquarters for several years, a two-story house that serves as a meeting place for the association and for the entire Taboquinhas community, since it is the only place for recreation and community gathering.

What impact does the commitment have?

With the support of VSocial Fundation it was possible to build the meeting house for meeting, artistic and community development activities. There arrive more than 20 peasant families that are benefiting from the community based tourism project.

*All data was determined with the best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.


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