Sisid Añejo- Ecuador

Enjoy the ancestral culture in southern Ecuador thanks to its traditional practices

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icon_users  8.000 travelers of VSocial partners visited the project*

"Happy to share with all people from other parts of the world our traditions and the way we live. We have a lot to share and in this little place you will be greeted with love"

What is the project about?

The Sisid Anejo project is a project led by the indigenous communities of southern Ecuador, through their tourist practices they are generating recovery processes and strengthening their cultural and traditional identities. Through their customs, each of the tourist service providers have managed to generate innovative proposals for the development of their gastronomy, their accommodations. It is a genuine encounter with the local culture where the passenger can take an unforgettable experience.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The VSocial Foundation supports this initiative by bringing the international market closer to this project, bringing German and French tourists to generate sustainability of the project. In addition, we generate possibilities for tourist product improvements and organizational strengthening.

What impact does the commitment have?

The project supports the entire community in which it develops. There are more than 20 families that work in the tourism project.

*All data was determined with the best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.


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