Amupakin- Ecuador

Millenary tradition made available for health

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"The ancestral medicine, we, as women,  have the medicine and knowledge of our grandmothers to apply it to the world and to continue with this ancient knowledge"

What is the project about?

It is an association of Kichwa nationality women of Napo province, Archidona canton and community of Sábata, within the protected areas: Napo-Galera National Park, Antisana Ecological Reserve and Colonso Chalupas Biological Reserve, which has been organized to work in a way joint to strengthen their culture and recover their traditions, especially the traditional birth process. This community began its activities 25 years ago and has 20% of men and 80% of women working in the activity, with certain functions and a clear defined hierarchy, managing efficient organizational systems.

In the same way, the nationality of the foreign visitors that arrive the most to this community are: Germany, France, United States, Canada and Spain, while at a national level they are from: Quito and Riobamba.

Among the needs to improve in the community it can be named: the database management, as well as accessibility, sewerage, improve the management of social networks, updating the website, lack of brochures and periodic newsletters of the activities that are performed, promotion and better hotel management and guidance, in addition to having the visual problem caused by the construction of surrounding communities. However, despite these limitations, this community presents food service through a restaurant with capacity for 70 people and an average cost of $6, as well as accommodation services, with capacity for 23 people with average cost of $10, guidance, Wi-Fi connection, hot water, walks and excursions, healing tourism, cultural immersion, agritourism, ecotourism, nature tourism and as part of its activities, in recent years the association started a community / association venture.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

The VSocial Foundation supports this initiative by bringing the international market closer to this project, bringing German and French tourists to generate sustainability of the project. In addition, we generate possibilities for tourist product improvements and organizational strengthening.

What impact does the commitment have?

It directly supports 20 families directly.

*All data was determined with the best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.


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