Bogota - Colombia

Neighbourhood project focussed on human rights & historical memory

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" VSocial is a great support! They help us not only monetary but especially with their tourism product development and sales knowledge, to strengthen our tourist product from which the entire community will benefit in the future."

Patricia Rozo, founder of Exito Verde

What is the project about?

Éxito Verde is an organization that works in the south of Bogotá and focuses its attention on environmental issues and community tourism. It is located in the town of Ciudad Bolivar, in a very popular neighborhood where they carry out their recycling and tourism activities from a school that receives children and adolescents. There they work together to contribute to the improvement of the life of the inhabitants of the area.

How is VSocial involved in the project?

VSocial Foundation joins forces with the project to strengthen the tourist product and link it to a proposal to defend the human rights of the inhabitants of the area. It also recovers the historical memory of the place in order to give it an important place to the social processes that have taken place in the past and through which they formed the place where they live: their neighborhood.

What impact does the commitment have?

The direct impact of VSocial’s support is 20 people who are beneficiaries of the community tourism project, however, the indirect beneficiaries are many more taking into account that the children are still in the environmental school in which they are also linking each of their families so that through recycling they can improve the conditions of their neighborhood generating well-being.

*All data was determined with the best knowledge and conscience on the basis of existing data sets, direct information from the partners and empirical values.


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