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Empowering women in the Sacred Valley of Peru

About Tierra de Yaqchas

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The Tierra de Yaqchas project is led by Indigenous women from eight communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Their work responds to a desire to project their traditions and improve their quality of life. Due to a number of tourists already passing through the area on their way to Machu Picchu, the women saw the opportunity to work together and allow their families better health, infrastructure, and education possibilities. Along with the additional income generated by tourism, the women give value and visibility to their culture and are able to share their Indigenous traditions.

Tourists can participate in a variety of local activities that immerse them in Indigenous culture. Tasting the local food, learning about weaving, and going on nature tours are just some of the experiences they can have when visiting the communities involved with Tierra de Yaqchas. There is also the chance to stay in traditional lodging.

Interesting facts about Tierra de Yaqchas

Modesta is 33 years old. Every day, she goes out to work in the fields to feed her three children. For five years, she has been part of the tourism project frun by her community of Chumpe, which is part of the La Tierra de Los Yaqchas network in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. Since she has been part of the group of women working in tourism, she says that her life has changed. She says she is now an independent woman and can give her children a better future.

Before working in tourism, Modesta says that she did not know her rights. Being able to meet with other women and talk to them about their roles in the community has led each one to become leaders, not only in their communities but also in their families. They now not only take care of the housework, but have become entrepreneurs, generating income for their families. In some cases, they even employ their husbands for tourism-related activities.

Modesta feels strong. She believes that she can bring change to her community and feels that, with each action she takes, the young women in her community learn to love their Indigenous culture and know their own strength. She knows that she is setting an example for her children and that they are proud of her. Her dream is that they will become professionals and return to the community of Chumpe to contribute to it without losing their Indigenous heritage.

Modesta hopes that tourists who visit Cusco and Machu Picchu will continue to visit so that they can continue to bring change to the community. She feels strong in her Indigenous identity and proud of her culture through her interactions with tourists.

Now Tierra de Yaqchas is working to generate school programs that teach young people about tourism. Through collaboration, the women are sharing with the next generation their values and Indigenous knowledge in a way that will allow the Sacred Valley region to develop in a way that respects their culture.

Modesta's story is just one of the many stories that related to this project. Many women are making changes that give them a better quality of life and allow them to fulfill their dreams as women, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

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Modesta from Tierra de Yaqchas
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Tierra de Yaqchas women

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Sustainability in Tierra de Yaqchas

VSocial has supported this project since January 2019. The most vital contribution to the women of Tierra de Yaqchas is by bringing more people here, which generates greater income and allows the communities to enhance their education and infrastructure opportunities. Along with bringing visitors from Viventura and other agencies, we have provided training and workshops, as well as providing volunteers, administrative support, and facilitating connections with other organizations.

Features of Tierra de Yaqchas

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The most important result of this project is the way it has empowered Indigenous women. Before becoming leaders in this project, the women were relegated to doing housework. The project has opened up a world of possibilities for them and they are now one of the main sources of development for their communities. The ripple effect is enormous: more than 80 families are impacted, with the effects spreading to several hundred people across the eight communities in the Tierra de Yaqchas network, including farmers, artisans, and cooks.

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