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In Muyuche, a small community in Yucatan, Mexico, a group of 12 women run this project to share their food and culture with travelers. Located near the Yaaz Utzil cenote, the women have seized on the opportunity of tourists visiting the site and provided a cultural experience to complement it. Along with sharing their traditions and culture, this is a grassroots effort that focuses on gender equality and strengthening the connection between local women.

Along with enjoying the natural beauty of swimming in an uncrowded cenote, visitors can learn about making hammocks and have an authentic meal in the homes of the women. They get a firsthand look at the local traditions and get to know the Muyuche women.

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Sustainability in Muyuche women

It is a grassroots effort from VSocial Foundation, supporting indirectly more than 150 people and directly 15 families and relatives; plus, the local people and tourists who visit the cenote. We work hard to promote an inclusive development of tourism, fostering capacity building, developing new products, and above all; stimulate confidence, hope and enthusiasm to start their own business

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Empowering women
Directly impacted families
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At the moment there are 6 empowered women starting their own family project. New opportunities have started to become a reality in the town of Mucuyche, and hopefully this will facilitate better access to health, food, education and opportunities for the young to stay in the village and work in tourism. After all, the project provides a better experience for tourists visiting the cenote (facilities, security, quality of service), and will eventually attract more tourists that by consuming locally, will crop in economic inclusion. Of course, we can’t forget that community-based tourism fosters authentic interactions between tourism and the local community, and we just love being part of this

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