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San Antonio de Aguas Calientes
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Manos de Fe is a collective of women weavers in the neighborhood of San Antonio de Aguas Calientes in Antigua, Guatemala. The project is a response to the invasion of industrial manufacturing of textiles which come from foreign sources, imitate traditional designs, and are sold at a lower cost than handmade fabrics. By integrating community-based tourism activities into their work, the women provide themselves with income at the same time as preserving their authentic brocade weaving technique. A small shop with their handicrafts generates much needed income for the women and their families.

Visitors learn about weaving culture and the importance of traditional practices to the community. They support sustainable development by participating in the project and come away with authentic products. Along with learning about the women and their weaving, travelers can share in local food and even take part in a healing activity with muñecas quitapenas (“sorrow removers” or “worry dolls”).

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