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Experience indigenous culture and guided treks on Ecuador’s highest mountain

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Situated around Ecuador’s highest volcano, Comunidad del Chimborazo is a cooperative of three indigenous communities offering accommodation and guided treks up Chimborazo as well as traditional meals, transportation and crafts, and that, by working together, are able to promote indigenous culture in the region. The Comunidad del Chimborazo provides a unique community tourism experience that also benefits many other families in the supply chain, as well as creating real community and economic alternatives for the region, helping to prevent younger people from migrating to larger cities in search of employment. The Comunidad del Chimborazo also continues to expand its services with the creation of a network of farmers, who supply restaurants around the region.

Travelers can stay overnight at Casa Condor, a hotel managed by the indigenous community and which preserves many indigenous traditions, including ancestral meals and crafts, such as the manufacture and dying of Alpaca wool. Mountain climbers can also venture up some of the routes easily accessible from Chimborazo, including the Ruta del Último Hielero (Route of the Last Icemaker), before enjoying hearty traditional, local meals in the evening.

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