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Experience indigenous culture at this homestay on the shores of Lake Titicaca

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Situated on the Capachica peninsula, Cottos Capachica is a community homestay experience established to protect local indigenous culture. Founded by the Quechua people who have guarded Lake Titicaca for generations, this project helps to provide this indigenous community, whose ancestral farming methods can no longer compete with intensive agricultural practices, with a second stream of income through tourism, while at the same time supporting traditional indigenous culture. Cottos Capachica provides training in tourism to young people, who would otherwise leave the community in search of opportunity, as well as preserving indigenous lands, knowledge and craftsmanship. By improving the community's public facilities and generating an income through tourism and creating employment, Cottos Capachica is able to support a network of exclusively indigenous families who provide tourists with accommodation and meals, as well as a number of other service providers. Travelers to Cottos Capachica stay in indigenous homes where they can enjoy traditional Quechuan meals, including a “Pachamanca" baked over hot stones and take part in kayak excursions on Lake Titicaca and interpretive walks around the Capachica peninsula to find out more about how this indigenous community works the land and make traditional crafts.

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Sustainability in Ccottos

The VSocial Foundation supports this initiative by bringing the international market closer to this project, bringing German and French tourists to generate sustainability of the project.

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The project has a direct focus on 30 families in the region.

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